Trans Bert S.L.



Trans Bert S.L. is a company dedicated to international goods transportation either dry or refrigerated.


Since our establishment in 1975, it has been 40 years offering the best quality service to our customers. In the same way, we have kept the excellence standards regarding to our system, fleet, technological resources and staff to satisfy the most demanding projects from our clients.


Once the best transportation option has been chosen, we guarantee load preservation in the desired conditions, the excellent characteristics and state of our fleet and we offer load and truck monitoring twent-four hours a day, seven days a week. 


Every transportation we contract, we make it only and exclusively with our own fleet, accepting the whole responsibility for it. 





Avenida Vall d'Albaida 53

Oficina 1. Ap. Correos 208.

Gandia  CP 46702




Tel: +34 96 287 17 33

Fax: +34 96 287 51 92